Why not use bungied wings?

The use of bungied/bondage wings is strongly discouraged. To start with, one of the primary reasons stated for their use is that they streamline your rig. Ironically, they generally do the exact opposite. Hydrodynamics dictates that rough surfaces create increased turbulence which consequently increases drag. The bungies create a very rough surface and thus are adding to drag. Furthermore the bungies have a tendency to trap air which cause both static and dynamic instability issues.

Bungied wing

However these issues are not the most important reasons to avoid these wings. There are two large reasons that bungied wings are normally avoided. Probably the largest problem with bungied wings is the increased resistance to oral inflation. The bungies will make it significantly more difficult to orally inflate the wing, which can be a serious safety issue. A related issue is that the bungies create a stronger positive-pressure deflate than normally exists. So deflating the wing tends to dump air much faster than a non-bungied wing. This makes proper buoyancy control more difficult. And finally, due to this positive-pressure deflate, it is nearly impossible to use your BC as a "third regulator". This is somewhat of an advanced topic, however your BC can be used as an alternate regulator in very serious conditions. The deflate and inflate buttons are depressed simultaneously to provide air and then the diver breaths out their nose, or removes the BC inflator from their mouth when exhaling. It is important to note that you are not rebreathing the air in the BC, you are effectively breathing it straight from the BC inflator mechanism. Obviously you will want to practice this skill in a pool before trying it "for real"!